CRYO Icy Slim: Slimming with cold ❅

Cryo Icy slim

Slimming by cold: The Cryo-Icy Slim

Winter Body: Slimming with cold and self-hypnosis to harmonize body and mind, balance your behavior and emotions.

Lazen expertise: With Cryo Icy Slim, you lose 25% to 45% fat from the first body or face session. The fat begins to evacuate around the 5th week until the twelfth week.

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Questions about Icy Slim

+ How does Cryo Icy Slim work?

The new cryolipolysis devices have the entire suction cup in cooling material, which guarantees optimal efficiency on the treated area without loss of cold.

+ How Cryo Icy Slim destroys fat?

Research from 2008 demonstrated that, under controlled conditions, subcutaneous fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other tissues.

The blood vessels or the nervous system are in comparison much less sensitive to cold and are therefore preserved.

This characteristic allows the natural degradation of fat cells (adipocytes) without damaging the surrounding tissues.

+ Does Cryo Icy Slim hurt? What are the consequences of cryolipolysis?

Most of the time, the treatment is painless. Some parts are more sensitive, such as the stomach for example, but the arms, legs and buttocks are not painful. Only a more or less sensitive pinching sensation is unpleasant for the first 10 minutes, but then fades significantly.

+ What are the areas that can be treated with Cryo Icy Slim?

The great innovation of this cryo device lies in the fact that the session is faster, more effective, and that we can treat saddlebags and double chin without pain,

Of course, we treat love handles, knees (there are 2 tips specially designed for knees), inner thighs, arms, back and stomach.

+ How does a Cryo Icy Slim session take place?

During the first cryo session: our specialist will carry out an assessment of your weight history in order to know your medical history, allergies… we will take the measurements as well as photos of the parts to be treated.

Lazen offers a personalized program: tailor-made to meet your needs and free you from these areas of fat for good.

As a bonus: for each session, Lazen offers a simultaneous session combined with relaxation techniques through hand/foot reflexology or a “Relaxation Hypnosis” service to harmonize body and mind, balance and channel your behaviors and emotions, free yourself complexes, stress and eating disorders.

Suitable for all body types, regardless of body age.

+ How to guarantee that the Cryo will work?

The Cryo allows a minimum loss of 25% of fat at eight weeks from the first session, knowing that the fat begins to evacuate around the 5th week until the twelfth week. 

There was an average loss of 45% fat in the treated area in the 6th week following the first session! Performing 1 to 4 Cryo sessions on the same area improves the results!

The hypnosis bonus

Mind and body harmony journey

Amplify the good energies of relaxation to better channel your emotions and eating behaviors. Teaki Dupont-Teikivaeoho, Master Practitioner in Eriksonian Hypnosis, accompanies you on this gentle and natural journey through methods of yoganidra, visualization and hypnosis.

New year trip

Amplify the good energies of the holidays and the new year thanks to the audio journey of relaxation, meditation and hypnosis. Teaki Dupont-Teikivaeoho, Master Practitioner in Eriksonian Hypnosis, accompanies you on this gentle and exotic journey to re-find and amplify your springtime, optimistic and serene energy.

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