Cryolipolysis as a slimming technique

Cryolipolysis is a renowned slimming technique that remains poorly explained. Remember that cryolipolysis according to Lazen Cryo acts in the most natural way possible by:

* Degrading adipocytes (fat cells): phenomenon of crystallization then destruction
* Eliminating these adipyctes gradually
* Targeting localized fat
* Acting non-invasively and comfortably

Cryolipolyse 360 mincir froid Paris

How long does a cryolipolysis session with Lazen Cryo last?

To effectively treat a fatty area and guarantee the reduction of bulges, a Lazen Cryo cryolipolysis session lasts 60 minutes (1h20 during the first session). It is important to respect the cooling time necessary in order to eliminate the fat cells by the cold.

Here is the course of a Lazen Cryo session :

  • Assessment and personalized Lazen Cryo course during the first session
  • Installation, protection and preparation of the areas to be treated
  • Action of Lazen Cryo
  • Relaxation by self-hypnosis, reflexology, hand massage
  • End of treatment effleurage

What results can I expect after a Lazen Cryo session and for how long?

Cryolipolysis exerts a definitive action on the treated areas: adipocytes (fat cells) are crystallized then destroyed and evacuated naturally by the body.
Thus the fat cells that disappear, do so permanently. The promise of definitive slimming results nevertheless remains to be qualified insofar as cryolipolysis has no e
ffect on the appearance of new fat cells after the session.

Lazen Cryo strongly recommends adopting and maintaining a healthy life around regular sports activity and a balanced diet. This combination is strongly recommended in order to sustain slimming results over time and minimize the natural fat storage process.

Lazen Cryo cryolipolysis has eliminated the fat cells from the bulges but it is up to you to preserve your results by following a healthy lifestyle and thus preventing the appearance of new fat cells.

In addition, everyone can experience hormonal changes according to the stages of their life, the metabolism can vary and react in a very specific way.
These hormonal variations can have an e
ffect on the results obtained in the long term.

Thus, Lazen Cryo often advises maintenance sessions after the initial cryolipolysis treatment.

Spaced out over time, these one-off Lazen Cryo sessions will make it possible to check and immediately treat the appearance of new fat cells.

cryopolise pour mincir Paris Lazen

What are the feelings during the Lazen Cryo session?

The cryolipolysis device works by a double action of suction and cooling. At the beginning of the session, you may feel feelings of tightness due to the aspiration and tingling related to the cold. These sensations are normal and disappear very quickly, between 5 to 10 minutes, after the start of the cryolipolysis action thanks, in particular, to the anesthetic effect of the cold. The sensation of cold remains very localized and does not cause discomfort. When the machine is stopped, the cooling action can be sensitive to touch and feel but remains relatively comfortable.
Lazen Cryo trains each practitioner to accompany you in the best way: listening, information about the course of the session, explanations of the mechanisms of Lazen Cryo, collection of sensations, adjustments and adaptation as needed….with a smile of course!

Lying down comfortably, you can take advantage of your cryolipolysis session to savor a moment of relaxation thanks to the recordings of relaxation, meditation and self-hypnosis, the bonus of reflexology or hand massage practiced by our caring practitioners. !…

Lazen Cryo has thought of everything to maximize your comfort!

What are the feelings after the Lazen Cryo session?

Mincir grâce à la cryopolyse Lazen Paris

When the Lazen Cryo practitioner removes the suction/cooling devices at the end of the cryolipolysis session, one can observe a supple and cold fatty fold, redness and hypoesthesia (decrease of sensitivity on the area) on the treated area .
The Lazen Cryo practitioner performs a massage of the treated area to see that the e
ffects disappear quickly. This is also the time to end the session gently.

These manifestations are completely normal and disappear a few moments or even a few hours after the session.
You may experience sensations similar to body aches or numbness in the treated area for 2-3 days after the Lazen Cryo session.

These sensations remain comfortable and quickly diminish.

Is the Lazen Cryo device secure?

The Lazen Cryo cryolipolysis equipment is deliberately restricted to -9°C maximum.
The quality of the cryolipolysis device, its various components and consumables guarantees an e
ffective and risk-free cryolipolysis treatment.

The Lazen Cryo cryolipolysis equipment combines two processes: a negative temperature and a duration of exposure to this temperature. This combination makes it possible to cool the entire bead. With temperatures restrained between -3 and -9°, the application times vary from 35 minutes to 45 minutes which are the ideal conditions of exposure to the cold necessary for the action of cryolipolysis. Lazen Cryo uses protective membranes, disposable fabrics, which protect the treated areas.

The device has equipment that guarantees its safety:
* The simple and readable programming interface is configured to display alerts and leave no room for human error,
* The handpieces allow visual control of the treated areas and are also equipped with temperature sensors.


Lazen Cryo hopes that these explanations of the Cryolipolysis technique as well as the Lazen expertise allow you to better understand how the Lazen Cryo protocols work most effectively and in the most gentle way possible with rigorous attention to your comfort, your safety and your satisfaction.


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